Last month I had an insane amount of tests with City and Scout Models… I think it was about 11 shoots within 2 weeks during midterms week. Reflecting on them, I really did learn a lot in regards to lighting and style, stress management and booking people, but I wish I had taken a few days in between each shoot to reflect.

There’s the whole argument of quality vs. quantity, and although you do need to create a massive body of work to really improve in anything, at some point you realize you are not progressing as much as you would like. 

I loved the studio practice, but some of the shoots I instantly dumped because I was displeased with the results. I think it’s time I focus on more skilled work, themed work, and submissions. My style has changed over the last month and the direction I want to go in has changed.

Also- random thoughts- I’m thinking of transferring to SVA in NYC next spring. They have an amazing curriculum and such an experimental and innovative program, it’s fascinating. I have a mad obsession with Paul Jung Photography and Kristian Schuller’s book 90 Tage Ein Traum. I’m apartment hunting, eating the most amazing chocolate lava cake, and failing Financial Accounting.