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  • 2014 Photography Goals


    1) to finish editing photos on-time

    2) to submit 6 editorials

    3) to be more selective about what I shoot (portfolio, conceptual, skillful)

    4) studio  

    5) to break into San Francisco fashion industry and expand contacts to LA

    **bonus** to create an on-going project

    Still struggling with editing photos on time and planning those editorials… 2/6 done.

    Progress must be made!!

    Creative Direction/ Building Momentum

    After 7 months of planning, I finally completed my first editorial as both photographer and creative director.


    It was amazing working with such a talented team who completed and even built on my original vision. I was able to create such powerful work, at a much higher caliber than I could have hoped for.


    I have a lot of optimism for the next few weeks. I have a few editorials planned out as well and am finally working with some wardrobe stylists and designers in the area.


    I need to keep building on this momentum and create original and fresh work. I’m finally at the point where I have the right connections in the area, and now it’s time for a massive portfolio overhaul. I feel like the area is becoming a bit stale, so I am finally planning out my first photography trip to LA in late August and to New York in October. Can’t wait to share some of my new work when the editorials are released!


    Reece @ JE Model
    Mua: Laura Yamasaki
    Hair: Elle Deurr
    Designer: Kaytee Papusza (Papusza Couture)



    model: Jazzy


    This is one of those photos that is not only very beautiful and artistic, but also has huge mass appeal. A blog that is a must visit for any portrait lover, :))


    Sweet feature on this neat photo blog!! Photo from last spring of my friend Jazzy when we almost burned down the park, almost got cited for public nudity, and walked home covered in fake blood.

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