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    model: Jazzy


    This is one of those photos that is not only very beautiful and artistic, but also has huge mass appeal. A blog that is a must visit for any portrait lover, :))


    Sweet feature on this neat photo blog!! Photo from last spring of my friend Jazzy when we almost burned down the park, almost got cited for public nudity, and walked home covered in fake blood.


    This summer is turning out a lot busier than I anticipated… mostly in a good way. Since I finished school, I have moved into a new apartment with tons of studio space and sunlight. I set up a new photo studio and with lots of new equipment- backdrops, octaboxes, stands, and a new 24-70mm f/2.8 that has quickly become my favorite lens. I’ve been shooting studio work almost exclusively, partly because it’s missing from my portfolio, and partly because it’s a lot easier than running around outside all the time. I want to be ready for my trip to LA in July/August, so I can work with people there. I’m also prepping for my trip to NY in September, I’m planning on staying in the city for a few days shooting before touring some art schools.

    I would love to be shooting more often, but I have been very busy with an 8 week commission photographing the San Francisco Airport construction in addition to lots of little gigs around the city. I’m currently planning for my first personal creative shoot as well. These days I’m painfully busy trying to keep up with photo editing and relationships, I really just want to take some time off to enjoy the sun, but I doubt that will happen any time soon.

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