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  • New York ii.

    I’m currently on a red-eye flight, headed back to NYC for round 2! I’ve been doing a terrible job keeping up to date on my blog, but a 5 hour flight and complimentary wifi helps. Basically, I traveled to NYC 3 weeks ago to visit my boyfriend in Philadelphia. I couldn’t bear being so close to New York without visiting it at least once, so I gathered my courage and called up every single modeling agency in NY (about 30) about working with their models. Unfortunately it was the middle of NY fashion week, so most agencies were too busy, but I heard back from Wilhelmina, Muse, Click, MC2, Boss, Basic, Q, and Fenton Moon! I took a bus to NYC for the first time and went straight to the Click office for a meeting. I hadn’t planned on shooting anyone, just going for meetings, but Muse NYC sent me a package of models I couldn’t resist. I ended up shooting Michelle Mavris, who was the most talented model I’ve worked with to date. They are some or my favorite photos, I can’t wait to share! New York has given me newfound inspiration and drive for my photography. It’s an amazing opportunity to receive feedback and prove myself to the industry leaders in fashion.

    This time, I have a massive amount of shoots planned for New York, 8, as well as 2 in Montreal over the weekend! I’m so excited yet nervous because I have never attempted this many shoots, especially in foreign cities. I hope to walk away with a whole new portfolio that reflects my current style that will allow me to make better connections and gain access to full teams in the NY/LA markets. 

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